Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Reciprocity is the recipe for prosperity

Friday, June 18, 2010

Featured Follower - Roland Lane, Jr.

Capital Research Group, LLC

Education: Master of Public Administration - Georgia State University; Bachelor of Arts - Morehouse College

Capital Research Group, LLC ("CRG") investigates and studies thousands of fiscal records of government agencies and private archives in Georgia in search of "unclaimed" assets belonging to individuals, surviving heirs of individuals and businesses.

There are now billions of dollars of unclaimed funds in bank and government accounts. I know because I managed an account myself while working in government that had millions of dollars of unclaimed funds. These funds lie dormant in accounts from wills and estates, insurance settlements, stocks and bonds, etc. waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.

We are committed to refunding Georgians and those who have relocated the money due them.  We only research unpublished funds that sit in obscure government accounts and private archives. You can research published unclaimed money for yourself by going to your state's website. We do not recommend you pay anyone to do that because the government will refund your money at no cost once you contact them and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Thank you in advance for your business. I look forward to connecting you with your funds.

Roland Lane, Jr.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recommended Reading: Skirts in the Boardroom by Marshawn Evans

As one of the nation's leading experts on the art of maximizing potential, Reinvention Strategist, Entrepreneur and Entertainment Attorney, MARSHAWN EVANS is Founder of ME Unlimited®, a corporate life-enrichment consulting firm focusing on reinvention, diversity, innovative leadership and peak performance strategies.

She is also President of EDGE 3M Sports & Entertainment - a brand management firm responsible for elevating the profile of elite entertainers & professional athletes.

MARSHAWN is the author of SKIRTS in the Boardroom: A Woman’s Survival Guide to Success in Business & Life (Wiley 2008), and founder of The SKIRTS Network™ and The Work Your SKIRTS Awards.™

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Industry Innovators: Sam and Shani Leccima - Married Millionaires

While having dinner with some other married couples that were in business together, Sam and Shani Leccima gave birth to the concept for Married Millions. When they got home from dinner that evening, they searched the internet in hopes of finding a site that was dedicated to married couples that were in business together. 
They could not find one, so they created 

Sam and Shani have been married since 2002. They have been together and in business with each other since 1999. They are the owners of several businesses, but their driving passion is real estate. Like many other business owners, they are always looking for a way to balance their business and home lives. For them, financial freedom means more than just having a lot of money. They have four beautiful daughters, and spending time with them is extremely important. The Leccimas believe that Business success means having the opportunity to live well and enjoy quality time with family.

Being married and in business together makes for a unique relationship. They have created a unique space on the internet where people in the same type of relationship can network, promote their businesses, and learn from each other. New business success stories are added to their blog several times a week. They also provide live interviews with business owners on their podcast.

Please follow Married Millions on their YouTube Channel @

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Community Champion: Janice Robinson - Relationship Manager

Director, United Way V.I.P.

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Education: Jackson State University • BS Business

Janice Robinson has served as the Director of United Way V.I.P. since 1994. During that time, she has worked to recruit and train a diverse group of talented individuals to serve on the board of directors of some of the most dynamic non-profit organizations in Metro-Atlanta.

United Way V.I.P. trains people from ethnically diverse and underrepresented populations into leadership roles in nonprofit agencies by leading participants through a comprehensive 10-week nonprofit service curriculum.

During the training, participants meet representatives from metro Atlanta nonprofit organizations to find an organization with a mission and needs that complements their own skills and interests. Started in 1992, V.I.P. now has more than 1,400 graduates.

By bringing ethnically diverse individuals into leadership positions, agencies enhance their understanding of the diverse needs of their clients — and become better able to meet those needs.

For more information about United Way V.I.P. please visit the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta @ www.unitedwayatlanta.org