Thursday, June 10, 2010

Community Champion: Janice Robinson - Relationship Manager

Director, United Way V.I.P.

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Education: Jackson State University • BS Business

Janice Robinson has served as the Director of United Way V.I.P. since 1994. During that time, she has worked to recruit and train a diverse group of talented individuals to serve on the board of directors of some of the most dynamic non-profit organizations in Metro-Atlanta.

United Way V.I.P. trains people from ethnically diverse and underrepresented populations into leadership roles in nonprofit agencies by leading participants through a comprehensive 10-week nonprofit service curriculum.

During the training, participants meet representatives from metro Atlanta nonprofit organizations to find an organization with a mission and needs that complements their own skills and interests. Started in 1992, V.I.P. now has more than 1,400 graduates.

By bringing ethnically diverse individuals into leadership positions, agencies enhance their understanding of the diverse needs of their clients — and become better able to meet those needs.

For more information about United Way V.I.P. please visit the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta @

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