Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Six Keys to Success

1) Information: Become known as a trustworthy subject matter expert in your field.

2) Image: Go out into the world every day and look, speak and act the way you want to be treated.
3) Initiative: Always act on the basis of sound planning and good research, which leads to the pursuit of effective strategy.
4) Confidence: Through dedicating your self to winning small victories, you will be emboldened with the confidence that you've done your best; this will be the basis of the momentum that propels you to success. 
5) Capital: The greatest source of future revenue and profits for your business will be determined by the purchasing and cost decisions you make today.
6) Contacts: You must assemble a winning team. You alone will never possess all of the skills and abilities required for perfection, nor will you ever be able to earn every certification or degree needed to answer every question.
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