Monday, September 20, 2010

Professional Profile: Fabienne Fredrickson - Marketing Master

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of and creator of The Client Attraction System®, the most complete Client Attraction training program for private practices and small businesses.

Using the principles she teaches worldwide, Fabienne went from a mediocre private practice to one that was bursting at the seams, in less than 8 months. She then did it again with a second practice a year later, again filling it to capacity in less than 8 months. 10 years later, Fabienne now runs a 7-figure Client Attraction business teaching solo-entrepreneurs worldwide how to attract more clients, enjoy more freedom in their business, while working less and making more.

Fabienne is a widely respected expert on marketing for small businesses, known for combining innovative marketing strategies with powerful mindset principles that work to quickly and consistently produce results. To receive a FREE audio CD entitled “How to attract ALL the clients you need”, go to....

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