Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Follower: Kelly Green - Brand Smart

Meet Coach Kelly

Welcome, my name is Kelly Green and I am your Personal Brand Blueprint coach! But, I’m also a Certified Wellness Coach. If you know anything about either of the two, you’re probably wondering what one has to do with the other. Let me explain:

The Background:
I spent 15 years as a marketing executive in the entertainment industry. During that time it was my job to market and promote recording artists from obscure unknowns to popular household names; and I did it well. Many of them received Grammy Awards and multi-platinum status, the highest accolades for a recording artist. But in 2005 it all came to an end, when the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) became too much to manage in the fast paced, stressful world of entertainment. This eventually led to my being laid off.

I had been diagnosed with MS in 1992 at the age of 22 and up until the time I was laid off, I managed to “hide” the disease from most  people. Deep down I knew that it was becoming harder and harder to not only get around physically, but I had also become mentally fatigued and was having trouble concentrating. No one knew this of course, I tried to stay as far under the radar as possible. In the meantime, I was still traveling the world, networking at all hours, getting little sleep and I was not taking care of my health. I assumed that because I was still able to walk, that I was keeping the disease at bay - so I ignored it!

When I got laid off, I was hurt, angry and embarassed, but most of all I had no idea what I was going to do next! My ego wanted to continue living the lifestyle I had been living for 15 years, but deep down I knew that I needed a mental and physical break from it all.

The Turnaround:
In my attempt to find alternative ways of treating the MS, I was introduced to a health and wellness coach. After that meeting I was hooked! I decided to get certified as a wellness coach and begin a new career and a new life. Becoming a wellness coach allowed me to not only talk to people facing similar health challenges, it also gave me the flexibility and the less stressful lifestyle that I was looking for.

During my coaching sessions I began to notice an underlying theme among most of my clients – they had lost their identity in the illness. Whether their health issue was diabetes, MS, Lupus or being overweight, they had all lost sight of the person they were before the illness.

The AHA!:
That’s when it all clicked for me! I was not only coaching my clients to make better lifestyle choices, I was coaching them on how to reposition themselves. Although they did not know the technical term for what I was helping them to do, I was teaching them the importance of developing a Personal Brand.

The Result:
The Personal Brand Blueprint was created to empower people, regardless of where they are in their lives to define, distinguish and deliver their Personal Brand in the most authentic, holistic way! 

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