Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Final Four: Health; Wealth; Fame; and Family

by Vincent L. Rogers 

In the Christian Bible, there are numerous useful prescriptions for living a meaningful life. Most of them are also relevant in the areas of success planning and personal branding. One of, if not the most important of these Biblical maxims can be found in the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs 20:10 states that “…Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right....” Simply stated, a person shall be known by what they do with the bountiful gifts and talents that they have possessed since they were a child.  

However, many of us remain acutely focused on the superficial goals of a child, instead of the loftier pursuits of our higher selves. We set a goal to become thin instead of becoming healthy, in order to change our childhood perception of being the "fat kid". We set a goal to earn extreme financial wealth because we grew up “poor” of worldly possessions, even if we grew up in a family that enjoyed vast moral and spiritual abundance. Most importantly, we set a goal to achieve fame based on hollow achievements, rather than being renowned because of a well earned reputation for excellence.

Fame and Wealth are the most outwardly visible manifestations of success. Yet celebrity and fortune can be achieved just as easily by a drug dealer as it can be by a heart surgeon. Achieving your place of distinction in the world by doing things the right way will enable you to truly enjoy the prosperity that it brings. Doing things the right way means doing things in a way that allows you to maintain your health and sanity as well as your family and friendships.

The importance of balancing your quest for fame and fortune with good physical and mental health habits, along with nurturing your family and friendships is inestimable. Focusing on these things in turn will also contribute greatly to the pursuit of the goals that will lead you to fame and fortune. It is inconceivable that you can achieve the success you desire weighed down by physical illness and besieged by emotional anxiety. Conversely, a person who neglects his friendships and family is unlikely to have success at building the necessary network that will help them to achieve the fame and wealth that they so greatly desire.

Health; Wealth; Fame; and Family are the four pillars of living a successful and balanced life. Good health and strong family alone are the essential measures of a live well lived. Yet many people strive to leave some legacy of their life’s work as well. Achieving a measure of material wealth and a level of high esteem associated with your name can also benefit your family. Acquiring these things gives you and your loved one’s a better chance of living a long healthy life filled with joy and abundance.

Vince Rogers is a highly skilled resource manager and communications consultant; trained in economics, marketing, project management and commercial real estate management. He possesses many years of successful experience in financial asset and real estate wealth building. He is the Principal Change Agent at Vince Rogers & Associates @ Contact us to help you to formulate a winning Success Plan for reaching your desired personal and professional destination.

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