Wednesday, August 21, 2013

20 Questions – Identifying Your Brand Personality

by Vince Rogers
Many of us have played the game 20 Questions. In this game of deductive reasoning, multiple questioners ask up to 20 questions to a single person. The person must ultimately reveal the secret answer that they are holding onto, if the questioners ask the right questions. Asking the right questions can help you to reveal the secrets to discovering your Brand Personality as well.
In their efforts to empower clients, Alphonso Whitfield and Margaret Diggs of Waycross, Georgia based The Vital Portal have devised 20 essential questions that you can also use to help uncover your Brand Personality. According to Whitfield, the Vital Portal is used by “ventures of all sizes to climb the business conditions learning curve quickly and efficiently.”
Investopedia defines Brand Personality as “A set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name.” Therefore, when it comes to building a Personal Brand, understanding your Brand Personality means understanding YOU.
The 20 Questions that the team at Vital has devised are as follows:
1) What did you aspire to be as a child?
2) If you could meet anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?
3) What would you say to them?
4) What is your vision of a perfect team?
5) Give us your definition of success.
6) Tell us about the best part of your work.
7) What keeps you awake at night?
8) If you could be a dessert, what would you be and why?
9) What is your favorite word or phrase, the one you tend to use most often?
10) Walk us through a typical day at your current/previous position.
11) Who has been most influential in your life?
12) If you could go back to a specific era in history, which one would you choose and why?
13) What have been the biggest disappointments of your career?
14) What is your favorite way to relax after a long hard day at work?
15) Tell us how you think five co-workers/team members would describe you.
16) What career accomplishments are you most proud of?
17) What are/were your favorite things about your current/previous position?
18) What made you choose this occupation?
19) What behavior(s) did you inherit from your parents?
20) What would be the FIRST thing you would do if you knew today was your last day?
The answers to these 20 Questions can help you to gather the vital information that you need to understand your Brand Personality. Understanding your Brand Personality is an essential, yet often overlooked component of building your Personal Brand. These 20 Questions were designed by Vital to help you gather the information you will need to navigate this process successfully.
Information is without a doubt the most important of my Six Keys to Success. Obtaining the right data in order to make the best possible decisions (not the most conveniently available data) is the key to formulating a winning Success Strategy. This is true whether you are embarking on a personal endeavor, a professional enterprise or taking a risk in any area of your life in which you are seeking to be successful. Ultimately, if you input good data into the formulation of your Success Plan, chances are excellent that you will end up with a plan that should lead you to your desired result.

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