Sunday, August 18, 2013

Creating Your Personal Brand - A 12 Step Success Plan (Introduction)

by Vince Rogers
Through my work as the Principal Change Agent @ Vince Rogers & Associates, I have created two unique sets of concepts that I use to help businesses, non-profits and high achieving individuals to formulate winning "Success Plans" for reaching their desired destinations. They are the "Six Keys to Success" and the “Big Fundamentals of Success Planning”. Based upon these principles, I have developed “Creating Your Personal Brand - A 12 Step Success Plan”. In this series, readers will learn how to create their personal brand by following a definitive 12 step process. 

The series will begin with an overview of this 12 step program. Then readers will be presented with a comprehensive exposition of each individual topic. Upon completion of the series, subscribers will master the process of creating a personal brand. This will empower them to follow the steps to achieving life-long career success.

I have shared similar concepts in my role as the Atlanta Personal Brand Examiner @; as host of the "Business Success" Video Series @;  as creator of the Big Fundamentals Mobile App; as publisher of Disguised Limits the #1 Opportunities and #2 Motivational blog on Networked; and as author of the books "The Very Best of Disguised Limits: Volume(s) 1&2" available @ 

I have also published numerous articles as an Expert Author on the subjects of: Success; Entrepreneurialism; Personal Finance; Public Relations; Productivity; Marketing; Branding; Careers; Presentations; Business and Consulting @ I was chosen as the “Cutting Edge Topic” contributor to the prestigious 2013: Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting I have also been interviewed on the High Velocity Radio and Write Here, Write Now shows @ Atlanta Business RadioX

Please join me as we explore the dynamic process of “Creating Your Personal Brand - A 12 Step Success Plan”. I am certain that you will gain a new perspective on Personal Branding which will empower you to achieve the attainment of your Academic, Career, Business or Non-Profit success goals. Please follow me @ the Disguised Limits blog or subscribe to my Atlanta Personal Brand Examiner column  to be a part of this experience. Thank you in advance for joining me on this exciting journey of discovery and fulfillment.

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