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Business Success Video Series #11

How to Develop a LinkedIn Relationship

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Video Transcript

This is Vince Rogers with Vince Rogers and Associates. With 150 million registered users, LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking site on the internet and we're going to talk about how to develop a LinkedIn relationship. Unlike social networking sites, the primary goal for using LinkedIn is to build strong professional relationships. Suppose you try to land your dream job in the music industry, LinkedIn allows you to build professional networks with key players in the music industry. By making connections using LinkedIn, you then have a way to get your foot in the door at the top companies. The first step to building strong relationships on LinkedIn is completing your profile, 100 percent profile completion is one of the keys to making your profile stand out from others. You need to emphasize skills, not titles and dates. You need to complete the key sections of the profile which are your summary, your experience, your education and your honors and awards. Before trying to add connections that you don't already have a relationship with, you need to add your current co-workers, past employers, professors and classmates. Also, whenever you add a new connection, you need to write a recommendation for that connection and ask for a recommendation in return. Recommendations are one of the key things that make your profile stand out from others. The next step to building strong LinkedIn relationships is to join the right groups. By joining the right groups you now have something in common with top industry professionals. The last step to building strong LinkedIn relationships is to become a resource to your connections. Becoming a resource means doing anything that adds value to the relationship. You can add links to their sites on your page, you can respond to their poll questions or anything that enhances the relationship between you and your new connections. By becoming a resource to your connections, this gives them more incentive to want to take the relationship off line into the real world. I'm Vince Rogers and this is how to build a strong LinkedIn relationship.

Read more: Video: How to Develop a LinkedIn Relationship |

 Business Success 11 — Presentation Transcript
  • 1. Business Success Prepared by Vince Rogers & Associates for Demand Studios
  • 2. How to Develop a LinkedIn Relationship
  • 3. Developing strongrelationships on LinkedIn canbe very important to business success With over 150 millionregistered users and growing,LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking site on the internet
  • 4. Unlike “Social Networking” sites that allow users to mix business with pleasure, LinkedIn is a purely professional networking site Therefore the ultimate goal of using LinkedIn is to develop strongrelationships that help you to advance your professional objectives
  • 5. The first step to developing powerful relationships on LinkedIn is to fully complete your profile page to make sure that it stands out to potential connections The key to any good relationship is that it be mutually beneficial – it should be clear topotential contacts from looking at your profile why they should want to build a professional relationship with you
  • 6. The Most Important Sections of your Profile to complete are the: Summary Experience Education Honors and AwardsYou should emphasize results and skills rather thandates and titles
  • 7. To start with you will want to add contacts that you know well and who know you such: Former Employers Co-workers Professors Classmates Each time that you add a new contact, you should write them a recommendation and then ask for one in return. Having Recommendations will make your profile stand out to potential new connections more than anything else
  • 8. After you have acquired some contacts and Recommendations, you should then join LinkedIn Groupsin the areas of interest that you want to network in Now that you share a common interest with some of the top people in your field, this will make it more likely that they will accept your connection requests
  • 9. The best way to make a good connection is to be become a resource to them Promote your contacts businesses Put links to their sites on your pages Write recommendations for them Answer their questions and polls
  • 10. Becoming a valuable resource to your LinkedIn connections creates a reason forthem to want expand your relationship or to interact with you “offline” Escalating your relationship with influentialconnections beyond LinkedIn can be the key to landing your “dream client”, promoting your business or landing a lucrative new project
  • 11. By creating a powerful Profile,strategically joining the right Groups,acquiring the right Connections and Recommendations and becoming a resource rather than just a contact, you can build powerful LinkedIn relationships that can dramatically enhance your businesses success

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