Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Featured Follower: SkateBoyz ATL – The Preferred Alternative

 SkateBoyz ATL was founded in March of 2011. The idea was to create an alternative activity for the Atlanta LGBT community. SkateBoyz ATL started out as a “monthly” roller skating party held at Metro Skates on Metropolitan Parkway. By July 2011, SkateBoyz ATL caught the attention of the Atlanta LGBT media. This elevated the presence of their brand and has helped to establish the event as one of the ongoing upper echelon experiences on the Atlanta entertainment scene.

From the onset, they have always included a component of service to the community as well.  “Someone Cares”, a non-profit community HIV/AIDS outreach organization came on board at their first event and has been with them ever since. They have conducted scores of HIV tests on site; provided safe sex materials and information on the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS. 

In September of 2011, SkateBoyz ATL introduced SkateGirlz ATL as a separate outlet for the women of the LGBT community. Due to the already established brand of SkateBoyz ATL, it was not long before SkateGirlz ATL reached attendance numbers rivaling its counterpart. They also incorporated a component for 
Breast Cancer Awareness that included guest speakers and information on counseling and testing. 

SkateBoyz ATL/SkateGirlz ATL 
is just beginning 
and looking forward to doing bigger and better things in the future!!!!

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