Monday, July 23, 2012

Business Success Video Series #7

Advertising Advantages of Blogging

There are a variety of advertising advantages inherent in blogging that any good business needs to be aware of. Learn about advertising advantages of blogging with help from the Principal Change Agent at Vince Rogers & Associates in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Vince Rogers with Vince Rogers and Associates, and we're going to talk about the advantages of using blogging as a marketing tool. Blogging is a low cost, high impact way to distribute quality content about your product and services to a wide audience. The first two steps to creating a powerful marketing blog is to choose a blog publishing service and to gain a wide following. To gain a wide following you must regularly generate high quality content and distribute that to your target audience. There are three major sources for reaching your target audience. You should distribute your blog to your existing database of your existing customers. You should distribute your blog to your followers on your major social networking sites and you should distribute your blog through blog directories. Blog directories are indexes of blogs that people use to find new blogs to follow. You should make links available to your blog that people can post on their websites and their personal blogs as well as widgets and gadgets that they can post on their social network pages. Also you need to use your blog publishing service's blog analytics to find out where your traffic is coming from so you can tailor that to your marketing campaign. Remember to be responsive to comments left on your blog. Comments left on your blog is going to be the greatest source of information you can use to tailor your marketing campaign. I'm Vince Rogers, and those are the advantages of using blogging as a marketing tool.

Read more: Video: Advertising Advantages of Blogging |

Business Success 7 — Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Business Success Prepared by Vince Rogers & Associates for Demand Studios
  • 2. The Advantages of Using Blogging as a Marketing Tool
  • 3. The greatest advantage of using Blogging as a Marketing Tool is that it is one of themost cost effective and high impact ways togenerate and distribute high quality content that promotes your product or service
  • 4. If your company is not already blogging, the process to get started is fairly simple There are quite a few popular Blog Publishing Services that can be used to create a high quality marketing blog
  • 5. It is crucial that your blog be well designed and full of high quality content in order to be a useful marketing toolHowever , the most well designed and highly informative blog is useless without followers
  • 6. The best way to gain aLarge Loyal Captive Audience for your blog is byregularly generating relevant High Quality Content and gaining followers by Distributing the Blog Widely to your target audience
  • 7. You should circulate the Blog to: Your Database of Current or Prospective Customers Your Network of Followers on the Most Popular Social Media Platforms List Your Blog with Blog Directories Blog Directories are services that list popular blogs, much like an on-line index or card catalog to assist people looking to follow new blogs
  • 8. To get the most marketing benefit from your Blog: Use the blog traffic analytics provided by your blog publishing service to determine the readership patterns of your existing followers Use this data to help fine tune your blog marketing campaign
  • 9. Make sure that your company information iseasy to find on the blog and easy to share with the public  Provide links to your website  Make “widgets” or “gadgets” available(apps that link your blog to other websites)for your blog readers to place on their social media pages, personal websites and personal blogs
  • 10. It is also important that you make your blog interactive and beresponsive to the comments posted on your blog. The comments generated by yourblog followers can provide extremely useful marketing data
  • 11. The marketing information captured from the positive and negative comments your blog generates, the growing list of blog followers and the demographic information from your blog analyticswill enable you to take full advantage of using your blog as a valuable, effective, dynamic marketing tool

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