Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Make a Customer Feel Welcomed

by Vince Rogers

Businesses that focus on providing a Positive Customer Experience are the most likely to experience Long-Term Success. Companies that do a good job of Satisfying Customers focus on the Customer’s Needs.  The goals of your marketing efforts should be to Create Initial Awareness with potential customers. After they are Converted into Actual Customers the company should then seek to Cultivate a Long Term Relationship.
The goal of gaining a Satisfied Customer should be to convert them into a Life-Long Loyal Customer. The first step to creating a satisfied customer is Providing a Quality Product or Service. Your product or service must Deliver the Value that the customer expects.
How do you know whether the customer is satisfied with your product or service? Make sure that you have a system in place to gain feedback from satisfied and dissatisfied customers. This system will provide crucial information that will help you to provide great customer service.
What do you do when the product or service initially falls short of the customers expectations? You have to make it right as soon as possible. Resolving customer dissatisfaction is one of the best ways to earn long-term customer loyalty.
What do you do when your product or service meets the customer’s expectations? Rewarding satisfied customers is equally as important as being responsive to dissatisfied customers. Whether the rewards are in the form of referral bonuses, repeat customer discounts or just a sincere thank you letter, making customers feel appreciated is the key to creating loyal customers
Making a Customer Feel Welcomed, Appreciated and Valued can turn them into more than just a repeat customer. Satisfied customers become “Brand Ambassadors “. This type of devoted customers will advocate for your brand to their friends and family, which will magnify your company’s marketing efforts.
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