Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Run a Successful Outbound Telemarketing Sales Operation

by Vince Rogers
An Outbound Telemarketing Sales Operation is an organization in the business of marketing their products and services to prospective customers by making sales calls directly over the telephone. A Successful Outbound Telemarketing Sales Operation must combine:
·         High-Quality Sales Prospecting
·         Excellent Sales and Customer Service Training
·         Conducive Call Center Sales Environment
 A good sales call to a bad prospect is just a wasted opportunity. Reaching the correct prospects with your sales calls in a Successful Outbound Telemarketing Sales Operation will depend on Developing Quality Sales Leads. The Key to Generating Good Sales Leads is selecting them based on Good Target Marketing Research. You can do this by either Conducting Market Research Yourself or you will need to Buy Sales Leads from Another Company.
 To the prospective customer Every Sales Call is made by the Company not by An Individual. Therefore it’s important that you Hire Employees Who can be Trained to Represent Your Company Well over the telephone. Every effort must be made to provide your employees with:
·         Detailed Product Knowledge Training
·         Effective Sales Training
·         Good Customer Service Training
Outbound Telemarketing Sales Operations take place in a “Call Center”. The key elements of a good call center work environment that is conducive to effective selling are:
·         Hiring Good Management and Training Personnel
·         Providing Comfortable Work Stations
·         Purchasing Adequate Telephone Equipment
Also, there are laws that cover the selling of certain products over the phone such as investments.  You will need to familiarize yourself with these laws depending on the product that you are selling.
 Above all, the keys to running a successful “tele-commerce” business will depend on:
·         Whether you are Selling a product or service that is well suited to be sold over the telephone
·         Whether you’re attempting to sell to actual prospect s
·          Whether you’ve hired and trained an effective telephone sales force
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