Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Design a Consulting Business Brochure

by Vince Rogers
Sometimes as a consultant it can be difficult to explain to a potential customer specifically what value you can bring to their business. Not even your excellent “elevator pitch”, eye-catching business card or well crafted letter may be enough to seal the deal.  A well designed Marketing Brochure for your Consulting Business can be the most effective tool that you have available to make an impression on a potential client and stand out from the competition.
An effective brochure for your consulting business must combine 4 vital elements to successfully communicate your marketing message:
• Attractive Images
• Clear Layout
• Simple Folding
• Strong Writing
 Attractive Images will be the first thing that catches a prospects eye. It is what initially holds their attention. While images should be eye-catching, they must also be appropriate to the business that you are promoting.
The layout of your brochure must be clear. It must have a logical flow that enables it to be read easily. The reader must also be able to unfold and re-fold the brochure in a way that makes it easy to use over and over again.
The goal of a good brochure is to communicate a lot of important information without using a lot of words. Therefore, the writing must be strong, clear, logical and concise. Make sure that your vital contact information is prominently displayed and easy to read. Don’t forget to include your:
• Mailing address
• Phone numbers
• Fax number
• E-Mail address
• Web Site address
Social Media Information
You want your brochure to stand out and be noticed. However, you should avoid using any fonts, graphics or colors that make the actual content difficult to read. You may decide to design the brochure for your consulting business yourself or you may use another company to produce it. In any event, you should pay careful attention to making sure that you incorporate all of these elements into making the most effective marketing brochure possible.
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