Monday, July 30, 2012

How Can Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) Give an Organization a Competitive Advantage?

by Vince Rogers
Your company just landed a much needed new project. Now you want to make sure that you do a great job for your new client. Your business needs to restructure the entire organization. Otherwise, your company will never move to that “next level”.  In order to give your organization a competitive advantage in the project management process, you may want to consider using a Project Management Information System or (PMIS).
Project Management Information Systems help organizations to plan, execute, and close each phase of the project management process. They help assure that all of the appropriate steps are being taken at each project phase. They can be used to confirm that each project task is completed properly
A Project Management Information System is defined as “An electronic information system that consists of the tools and techniques used to gather, integrate, and disseminate the outputs of project management processes. It is used to support all aspects of the project from initiating through closing, and can include both manual and automated systems”. Organizations that don’t use such systems can certainly be successful at completing projects. Nevertheless, by using a PMIS you have a better chance of making sure that the Scope, Cost and Time goals of the project are met.
The fundamental purpose of a PMIS is to manage the flow of information between upper and lower management as well as the other stakeholders working on a project. Information is collected, synthesized and distributed via electronic and manual channels. The ultimate goal of streamlining the information sharing process is to minimize the allocation of time, money, and man-hours spent to complete a project.
For smaller projects or projects that involve routine processes that your organization has a lot of experience with, a PMIS may not be necessary. However for large projects, very important projects or projects where you don’t have a lot of experience using a PMIS may be crucial. Making this determination requires the examination of other factors as well. Before purchasing a PMIS you must also take into consideration:
·         Integration with your existing hardware and software
·         Training for those people in your organization that will be using this new tool
·          Whether making such an investment is cost effective for your organization
After taking all of these factors under consideration you may conclude that using a Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) will give your Organization the Competitive Advantage it needs to complete projects successfully. 
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