Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Do Marketers Need to Know to Reach their Target Audience?

by Vince Rogers
There are essentially 2 different types of Marketing Strategy Approaches. There is Mass Marketing which involves delivering your message via a broadcast marketing channel such as television. You do this in hope that the message will reach consumers in all of the different Market Segments for your product or service. Then there is Target Marketing which involves aiming your marketing efforts towards reaching a well-defined Target Audience
The Target Audience is a segment of the Target Market that has common characteristics.  The most effective way to succeed at marketing a specific product or service is to determine your specific Target Audience for that product or service. If you are marketing boxing gloves for instance, your target market is boxers. Deciding on the best target audience may require some research.
 The fist step to deciding on a Target Audience is to create a profile of your Target Customer. This profile should provide for a description of your Ideal Customer. Some of the characteristics to determine in building your ideal customer profile are: Geographic Considerations: Where do they live? Demographic Considerations: What Are their Age, Sex, Occupation etc. and Psychographic Consideration: What do they believe in?
If you’re selling boxing gloves the most important question to ask may be whether individual boxers or some other Target Audience is going to be the best to focus your marketing efforts on? For instance, the end user for our boxing gloves is obviously the boxer. However, the Coach, Trainer, Gym Owner or Athletic Association may be the actual buyer or decision maker. As a Marketer you should focus your resources towards reaching the Target Audience that you believe is likely to buy the most boxing gloves.
Determining the Target Audience for your Marketing Campaign will help you determine the most cost effective way to deliver the right marketing message. To deliver that message you must use the appropriate marketing channel. These are the keys to success of implementing your successful Target Marketing Strategy.
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