Friday, July 27, 2012

Business Success Video Series #9

How to Make a Sample of a 

Business Portfolio for a Presentation

Business portfolios are often a key in things like making presentations. 
Make a sample of a business portfolio to make a presentation with help from the 
Principal Change Agent at Vince Rogers & Associates in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Vince Rogers with Vince Rogers and Associates, and we're going to talk about how to build a business portfolio to make a presentation. In building your business, you will have to make presentations. The goal of your presentation is to impress decision makers that they are making the right choice in choosing you over the competition. In deciding what to put in your business portfolio, you need to determine whether you are making the presentation in person or whether you are sending to someone electronically. In any presentation whether your are making the presentation in person or via electronic means, you need to always include your business card and brochure as leave behinds after the presentation is over. Also, if you're making the presentation in person, you need to create a power point presentation that they can follow along with while you present the other items in the portfolio. An essential component of any in person presentation are examples of your past client work. Examples of past client work are prototypes of products, posters, flyers or photographs of your products and service. Also, depending on the stage of the business development process, you might want to include your financials as well as the business plan. I'm Vince Rogers and that is how to prepare a business portfolio for a presentation.

Read more: Video: How to Make a Sample of a Business Portfolio for a Presentation |

 Business Success 9 — Presentation Transcript
  • 1. Business Success Prepared by Vince Rogers & Associates for Demand Studios
  • 2. How to Make aBusiness Portfolio for a Presentation
  • 3. In your pursuit of new clients, your business will have to make effective presentations An effective business presentation will include all of the relevant information and documentation that will impress adecision maker that they are making the right choice to hire your company
  • 4. What to include in your presentation portfolio willdepend on whether it is being delivered in person ordelivered electronically with to a prospect
  • 5. If you are making a presentation in person you will want to prepare some type of visual presentation such as a PowerPoint Slide show that the prospects can follow along with as you present the actual items in the portfolio Any audio or video documentation of your company’s accomplishments can be included in this PowerPoint Presentation as well
  • 6. You should always include yourBrochure and Business Card so that the prospects can refer to them after the presentation has ended
  • 7. Examples of previous client work is an essential part ofan effective presentation portfolioDepending on your type of business you may includesuch examples as : Product Prototypes Posters Flyers Photographs
  • 8. Documentation of any media coverage helps to make a strong presentation You should include any: Books Press Clippings Articles Include any radio or television interview recordings in your PowerPoint
  • 9. References from previous clients are important to include in your presentation portfolio References can be in the form of: Video testimonials Letters of reference Testimonials from multiple clients
  • 10. Depending on the stage of the decision making process andnature of the presentation, you may need to make Financial Information and your Business Plan available to prospective clients as well
  • 11. Effectively presenting all of these elements in your Business Portfolio will make for a powerful and successful Presentation

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