Monday, July 30, 2012

Community Champion: Derreck Kayongo - Mr. Clean

Derreck Kayongo is a Top 10 CNN Hero of 2011, notable for his 
Global Soap Project, collecting partially used hotel soap and reprocessing it to save lives. Since 2009, the Atlanta-based organization has provided about 200,000 bars of soap for communities in 10 countries.

"The numbers are astonishing. 1.4 million deaths can be prevented each year by hand-washing with soap. Organizations like UNICEF have concluded that “opportunistic” diseases like diarrhea or cholera can be mitigated by 40% if you actually wash your hands. It’s more expensive to treat those diseases than to buy soap, but people in certain countries can’t afford that. Think of the economic impacts, in addition to the obvious mortality rates: if you have a mother supposed to take her child to the hospital every single day instead of working, it slowly digs into the GDP of that country. If you give soap to every child and teach them how to use it, it’ll be a lifesaver." ~ Derreck Kayongo

Derreck Kayongo Speaks to the Children at 

Operation P.E.A.C.E. Headquarters in Atlanta

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